«La mirada de Gorgona» (Gorgo’s look in Spanish), is the blog of Producciones Gorgona, a larp organization that was born out of some project s that we had already done together.  The two projects that joined us were a saga of Sicilan Mafia larps (currently with two episodes with several runs of each of them) and Eureka, a Roman Steam uchronia that integrates adults and kids in the same larp.

In this blog we ment to acomplish some objectives:

  • Review Spanish larps. We think that spanish larp community is so closed and nothing is written in English so we want to translate (or directly write them in English) all our posts.
  • Write about some aspects of larp organization (desing, kinds of larps…).

Current active organizers in Producciones Gorgona are:

Mirella Machancoses: With ten years of experience as an organizer, both by herself and in “L’espill i la Màscara” organization. During the past years she has been organizing without a permanent adherence to an organization in projects like Anima, and then in projects that have been gathered into this current organization, like “Sicily, 1923” and “Eureka”. She is an archaeologist and historian, and thus she is very into historical background larps, utopias and distopias of any kind.

José Fabregat: Started organizing larps inside a saga of science fiction larps  (UC-Crow) in 2006, and joined somnia in 2009, creating with them several larps like “Niria”, “Robota” or “La Distorsion”. He created also the first larp of the Mafia series by himself, and “Sicily, 1923” with Mirella Machancoses. He was also part of the “Eureka” saga from the start. He works as a videogame developer, and is interested in the synergies between videogames and larps.