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One year later: larp and babies

Nearly one year without writing anything in the blog. I’m so sorry! But it hasn’t been an easy year: the little one had suck all our energy, I was feeling really alone in England, and it has ended with all… Seguir leyendo →

Who Am I? Larping after motherhood

Here I am again. After a year without writting anything. A year full of new experience, as our little Gorgon came into our lives and change them forever. The path to motherhood hasn’t been easy. At least to my identity…. Seguir leyendo →

Larp and pregnancy

Hey! I have good news! Our little Gorgona’s family it’s increasing! A little Gorgon it’s to be born in November, and that has given myself, the mum-to-be, a new perspective about the problems of larping and gender. I’ve been talking… Seguir leyendo →

Larp in the Museum: The Game Kitchen in the V&A

More or less a month ago, The Game Kitchen (a London-based group of larp creators who join once a month for creating short larps together and play test them) received a mail from the Victoria&Albert Museum for doing a larp… Seguir leyendo →

Black Friday (International run 1)

OMG! I’m back from Black Friday (International run 1) and I’m so excited about it. As they have declared a embargo of the stories until the end of run 2, I will wait to post this out. But being all… Seguir leyendo →

Narrative in Larp: the role of the organisers

Some years ago, some Spanish people began to participate and read about Nordic Larps. The richness they’ve brought with themselves has changed a lot the Spanish larp scene. Some organisations, as Gorgona, have incorporated some of the characteristic features of them…. Seguir leyendo →

Larping abroad, larping around: a Spanish girl in The Solution.

It’s not very common than an Spanish larper goes to a Nordic Larp. In the last year, things have changed a bit due to the big Blockbuster larps as College of Wizardry or Fairweather Manor. Before that point, only a… Seguir leyendo →

La Sirena Varada-a review

The last weekend of May I played the second run of the Spanish Larp “La Sirena Varada” (The Strainded Mermaid), based in the play of Alejandro Casona. It was created by Somnia and played completely in English. May 26th to… Seguir leyendo →

#Feminism. Bonus Track

Finally, Janire Roldán, one of the participants, has made a review of «So, Mum, I made a Sex Tape», because, and I said in #Feminism. A review (II), I was playing «My Sister Malala» at the same time.   Four… Seguir leyendo →

#Feminism. A review (III)

Flesh Writing about “Flesh” is, maybe, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Flesh is designed by Frederik Berg, Rebecka Eriksson and Tobias Wringstad, and it became the strongest experience of the weekend. It was, even, a life-changing one for most… Seguir leyendo →

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