Finally, Janire Roldán, one of the participants, has made a review of «So, Mum, I made a Sex Tape», because, and I said in #Feminism. A review (II), I was playing «My Sister Malala» at the same time.


Four of us decided to play this game due to the topic that is funny and taboo at the same time. The game is designed for 3-5 players with preformed characters. One of them is the girl who has made a sex tape and is proud of it but she wants to know the opinion of other female members of her family.

It is a good way to know the evolution of feminism from its beginning through the role of the grandmother until nowadays thanks to the role of the girl. All the characters are strong in their convictions and the way a woman has to live and think about sex and porn.

If you want to play this game, here there are some tips:

-If you are 4 players it is better to include the aunt rather than the sister. It will be very refreshing and a good support for the girl.

-Don’t create tense relationships. Mother and aunt should be sisters, no sisters-in-law.

-We played during 20 minutes and it was too short! We could be playing for, at least, 10 more minutes.

-And the most important one: enjoy every moment and have fun.